A Day In The Life Of A Wedding Toastmaster

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(To help you get an idea of what I could be doing on your wedding day!)

12midday: I arrived at the venue. I confirmed timings and any last minute changes with the events manager before then checking that the rooms had been set up as expected. I noted that the front 2 rows of ceremony chairs didn’t have any reserved signs on.

12.15pm: I met with the Bride-Groom & groomsmen. I put on all of their button holes including the Bride-Groom, Best Man, 3 ushers, 2 dads and 2 grandads. I then spoke to the Bride-Groom about the ceremony chairs and wrote out a plan for who should be sitting where. I gave this to the ushers and made sure they knew how and where to direct guests to their seats. The Bride-Groom was very grateful!

12.20pm: I asked the guest who was going to control the music to test it and explained to him the format for the ceremony so he was prepared.

12.25pm: I checked with the hotel reception which private room had been allocated for the registrar meetings and made sure it was ready for them.

12.30pm: I waited at the front door of the hotel and greeted every guest, pointing them in the right direction and letting them know the time frames. For example; “you’ve got 40 minutes to relax in the bar before I call you for the wedding ceremony.” I also collected wedding cards so that guests didn’t have to hold these.

12.45pm: The registrars arrived so I showed them to their private room and gave them 5 minutes to prepare before taking the Bride-Groom to meet them.

12.50pm: I took the Father of the Bride up to his daughter’s bedroom so that he could see her in her dress for the first time.

1.05pm: I asked the ushers to make their way to the ceremony room ready to welcome guests and direct them to their seats. I asked the guest controlling the music to start playing the background music. I gave those guests with drinks in hand a 5 minute warning. I also gave grandparents and any elderly guests advance notice in case they wanted to make their way in first.

1.10pm: I announced for all guests to make their way to the ceremony room.

1.20pm: I went up to the Bride’s bedroom. I lead her with her father, followed by bridesmaids, downstairs and into the meeting room to see the registrars.

1.30pm: Once the registrars had gone into the ceremony room, I lined up the bridesmaids and the Bride and prepared them for their entrance. I gave the registrar the “nod” and she asked guests to stand. The music began and I guided the bridal party as to when they could each walk down the aisle.

2.00pm: At the end of the ceremony, I announced for guests to head outside for the confetti photo. I handed confetti to every guest as they left the room and directed them to the lawn where the photographer was waiting.

2.00pm – 3.30pm: During the reception drinks, I assisted the photographer with group photos. I kept him on track with timings, gathered family members who were included in photos and made sure other guests were kept informed of timings. I also made sure that the Bride & Bride-Groom had received drinks and canapes and hadn’t been missed due to being in the photos.

3.20pm: I checked that the wedding breakfast room was set up and that the venue team were ready. Then I took the Bride & Bride-Groom to the room for their opportunity to see it.

3.30pm: I set up the receiving line with the Bride, Bride-Groom and both sets of parents. I made sure they were happy and knew what to do before gathering their guests and announcing them to be received into dinner.

3.50pm: Once everyone was sat, I announced the newly weds into the room to their seats at top table.

4.00pm: This couple had requested to have speeches first so once the Bride & Bride-Groom were ready, I announced the first speech. I introduced each speaker and helped to hand out any gifts. At the end of the speeches I announced that dinner would be served.

4.30pm: This was my opportunity to have a break and leave the guests to enjoy their food. I popped back between courses to check on the progress and passed the guest book round the tables to make sure it wasn’t forgotten.

6.30pm: Following the coffee service, I announced the conclusion of the wedding breakfast and let the guests know the next timings. For example, “Ladies and gentlemen, that concludes the wedding breakfast. You now have an hour to relax here or retire to your bedrooms before the party starts at 7.30pm. Please be aware that the cake cutting and first dance will take place at 7.45pm”.

6.30pm-7.30pm: I liaised with the DJ about timings for cake cutting and first dance and directed the photo booth on where to set up. I spoke to the main hotel reception and let them know how many evening guests to expect and at what time. I was on hand for any questions or to help the Bride & Bride-Groom with anything.

7.35pm: I gave the Bride & Bride-Groom the heads up for the cake cutting and first dance. I also reminded the DJ and photographer so that they could prepare.

7.45pm: I announced the cake cutting and gathered all of the guests round.

7.50pm: I announced the first dance which was my final duty for the day. I received glowing feedback from this wedding couple. (See testimonials).