Dear Alanna,

THANK YOU!  Wow, you are and were an absolutely amazing mrs toastmaster on our wedding day last Friday!  No words are just in expressing our gratitude to you for orchestrating our wedding in such a perfect way, more than we could ever thank you for.

We deliberately chose you as a toastmaster after much thought, because we wanted someone who could represent us to our families and friends and help us portray a glimpse of our personalities.  We were right!  The fact that you got married in Rhinefield House Hotel, the way you governed our schedule, directed and communicated with our families and friends, and presented us into the rooms was nothing but warm-hearted, dedicated, professional and quietly proud.  You stayed behind despite we were running late and forgot to tell you about not having a first dance, and you went above and beyond to deliver a unique speech for our Chinese tea ceremony.  You have truly touched us.

We had a very memorable day which brought us a lot of emotions afterwards. We were even more pleased that our wedding had helped to bring families together and mend relationships.  We are downhearted not because the day is over, but because we will miss working with people like you who we’ve met along the way.  We truly hope you will stay in touch.

Many thanks,

Helen & Alex (Rhinefield House)